29 March 2013

Dessert for kids(with cherry)

There were some guests today,,Dear simona and her cute son..we had good time,,we had lunch together,after that the kids played ...

26 March 2013


hello everyone;
I am so careful when I am in the kitchen,, I explored that it is  vinegar,,so useful to clean anywhere in the house,,for instance,,I put on my dishwasher as polisher,,at the same time,I use for washing machine,,instead of fabric softener,,,believe me ,,result is suprising ,,my clothes are softer and cleaner anymore,,I put some vinegar my dishwasher and washing machine,,it is unbelivable,,however,I say that is more healty,,you know,,detergent is unhealty and it involves chemical things,,to exemplify  after washing machine gets fabric softener ,,it passes rinse department,,and this department doesn't get very much water to rinse,,namely,,due to this reason, we smell distinctive odor ,,also this odor causes allergic problems especially winter time,,because we mostly dry our clothes inside of house ...also whenever  I go to supermarket ,I never prefer kosova's foods,,I always check ''expired date'',,even my big one became used to ..when I was little ,the world was cleaner..unfortunately day by day ..environment is being worse...

(Mutfakta dikkatliyimdir,son yillarda biliyorsunuz su bu iyi saglikli sagliksiz derken,,demoralize ettiler bizleri ,,bugunlerde sirkeyi kesfetimm,,ev temizliginde bulasik makinesinde,camasir makinesinde heryerde kulanmaya basladim,,bulasik makinesinde parlatici olarak camasir makinesinde yumusatici olarak,inanin camasirda hic koku olmuyor sirke kokusu,,kisin evin icinde kuruyan camasirlar,alerjik problemlerede yol aciyor)

20 March 2013

20 march

Today has been sunny and adorable,I met with a friend,we were able to enjoy the sun..and I got good news this morning ,my friend(merih) gave birth,,I wish her baby to have a good life,,and with healthy..
Deniza and me

ozkan burayi hatirladin mi?

agora sandwich

19 March 2013


Hello sweeties,
Batuhan 's best friends are Dan ve Kian who are classmates,,and we went to visit Dan yesterday,,they played together well,,Dan's mother is simona,,she was so kind that I made myself at own home..good and lovely  family,,it was pleasure to visit and talk to them,, they can get together and enjoy a lot..thanks for your  hospitality again,,,

15 March 2013


when we woke up,,outside was incredible!!!

I made lasagna  dinner,,dont suppose I am good at,,no just ,I am taking of advantages of the  internet

while they were watching tv,,berkay has copied to batuhan recently:))

lasagna,I have been thinking in so long to cook that
I have been thinking in so long to cook that..

after lasagna was cooked ,,it was for me.

as soon as batuhan came home ,he ran the garden

10 March 2013

Weekend 10 march

Hello my readers,
it's me again:)this weekend was simply day,I woke up early as usual:)I made  a good breakfast.weekend's breakfast is special for us,,after we had had breakfast we went out all together ,My elder boy and I rode bicycle around our home ,it was very relaxing and peaceful,and then we went to albi mall for shopping,we had planned to barbecue earlier last week for today,,unfourtanetly the weather didn't allow us to do that,,it was so windy that we had to enter indoors,,and then I baked the chickens which I prepared for barbecue,also we went to mitrovice yesterday to have lunch,,yesterday weather was better than today,,kids enjoyed in the park where is in front of the restaurant,one more week is over ,,also today as well,,good bye everybody..

03 March 2013

This weekend

Hello everyone,
you know,as soon as weekend comes ,,we start thinking what we can do,,,today was a simple and sunny day, we went to prizren,we walked around downtown,,city centre was rather crowded,weather was so awesome that everyone was in the street,,after we had walked around we went to eat something to iliria restaurant in which is near albania border, ..unfortunately the meal was really wicked,,all of us were frustrated,:))hence I don't recommend you going there ,other than this, everything was nice,,the best one was to walk around...by the way I tried to give funny poses:))I think I didn't manage :)))you can see at first photo...

there is still snow on top of mountain