24 December 2012





this cake is popular in skopje

street was looking traffic(lights)

11 December 2012

Kis geldii,,winter came..

Aysel ve ben

bahcemiz karla kaplandi

Buyuk ama huzurlu bir ev

evimizin yaninda buyuk alisveris merkezi'minimax'


09 December 2012

Make up

hello everybody, our topic is make up:) ..I like to  put on make up..I like to be colorful ,,it makes me happy,,,,,,I have archive related with make up..I want to share you a few of them...I am taking advantage of pictures when I want to put on make up,,,I dont follow fashion  only I am trying to buy product that is right for  me..I usually have to force myself to throw them out before I'm done using them,,expire date is sufficient,,of course it is changing expire date for each product ,,,it is the most important hygiene after make up,,we have to clean our face correctly,,then,,nourishing and moisturizer cream.. I know my form of face..it is necessery for true make up ..if you are not reluctant..you can be succesfull...short and well-kept nails are populer anymore,,

08 December 2012

Weekend activity

Hello my dear readers,,the weather was so windy and cold in here,,,but my kids need to go out,,that's why we decided to go play ground..they had good time..my little one even played there :) thenn  we went to parku restaurant in ferizaj...while we were returning they sleptt in the car..when we arrived our house,,we saw a dog,,it was looking hungry  ,,my husband asked me,,'is there some bread at our house",,,we gave it some bread,,we were happy because it was looking us happy ,,we are not living  alone in the world..so that we must help who needs help ,,,,...see you my next writing...always smile...
benaf  ferizaj

parku restaurant

they are so calm kids:))who believe this...