25 January 2013

pristina's some aspects

Dear readers,,

Today,I wanna mention about pristina,,firstly it is small city,,there are some advantages and disadvantages,,,population is crowded in according to city..every single day growing up much more,,immigration is very much from village to city centre..therefore,,there are many cars in the traffic,,in spite of small city,,we spend time a lot in the traffic..moreover,,the people don't respect each other when they are in the traffic..drivers race each other..with sounds of horn..furthermore, there is air pollution...because of thermal reactor and cars and some fuels...sometimes  when we are outside ,,we can't breath easily ..air pollution effects  to soil,,consequently,,it  harms soil products..to illustrate,,vegetables,,fruits..it is not enough with regard to social activities..there is nothing to do..except going shopping and going around...

on the other hand,,pristina is not expensive someplace,,life conditions is not hard, weather is very hot in summer,,unlike it is very cold in winter,,also you can see ottoman empire's signs' in here..

to sum up,,living in here is different experience...., ,,THERE is indeed so much thing to write..


12 January 2013

The Meeting of My Birthday

Hello my readers,
Today, I met with my friends at a cafe for my birtday celebration..thank you everyone again,,we had good time,,you know,,birthdays are always  a special time,,my birthdaydate defines my purpose in my life, because  life starts with birth,,anyway..when  my birthday comes up,I am excited,but at the same time I feel bad.. different feelings together..maybe I want to feel special because of my birth..I will publish today's photos,,these are memory for me..I want to wish  living at good world with good people ,,,without war..thank you my god for everything(health,kids,family,...)...I am thankful..see you my next writing..