23 April 2013


BU Onurlu sanli milletin ve tum dunyanin 23 nisani kutlu olsun ..sukurler olsun hala dimdik ayaktayiz hepte oyle olacagiz...

18 April 2013

17 April 2013

17 April Nisan

home of bird

Hi everyone;
I know I have a lot of  follower:)anyway........
I explored a place thanks to simona,,also it is pretty close to my house ,,finally I could go today with berkay ,,he could play and walk..it is great to be in the  nature..you are able to think alone..desire of survival is increasing..it makes the person full of energy..for,,the real life is too tiring and stressful,,in fact we waste the time quickly,,I think we will get that better when we are older..pass everything  over..

14 April 2013

Bolu(city of turkey) yedigoller

Cennet boluu internette gorur gormez  sizlerle de paylasmak istedim,,orda olmak o havayi solumak ne guzel olmalii
this url address means a park in the turkey,,it is amazing and great..it is a huge forest,,and also populer place to visit,,in particular  this city(bolu) has delicious foods

I hope to go this summer here..

06 April 2013

6 April(nisan);Matka

Bugun hava oldukca guzeldi,hafta basinda matkaya gitmeye karar vermistik,haftalar oncesinde ohridi dusunmustuk ,ancak havanin yagisli olusu orada,,ertelememize neden oldu,,bizde degerli  arkadaslarimiz elif ve fatih ile bulustuk matkada,,

The weather was quite good,,we went to Matka in Macedonia,,the landscape was so good that we loved there,,we did walk a lot..we had boat trip to sightsee..there is cave which is almost 3000 years old,,it is worth to see there..after matka visit we went to have lunch and coffee,,we had good time.. thanks to our friends..they are so polite..

kano yarisi  (cano race)

it was time to have lunch