21 February 2013


Hi my dear readers,
We needed to go on holiday to rest,,finally this day came..  we went to somewhere where  is in durres in albania for weekend.,,we had good time,,the weather is hot enough to get around.The smell of Adriatic Sea is  something else,,walking on the beach ,however seaside is too dirty to swim,,Dinner which was involving kinds of fish was awesome. listening to sound of the sea was rather relaxing..as a result..we had good time as we are four family.it is a requirement that people go on holiday,especially in pristina:),on account of the fact that  pristina is too boring to live..anyway,,this day is over too,  I am not sure what it is time now,,I feel tired,however I am gratified to write here ,moreover the music is being listened on radio,,music is something else for me,,I enjoy listening, I will have slept a couple of minutes later.,,these were  my last  wordss,  good nighttt:))

07 February 2013

My kids(cocuklarim)

I have been tired since last week,,I was so sick,,,,and loneliness...this is truth to live  abroad..anyway,,although everything,,my family were with me.. whiIe I was watching my kids,,,suddenly came something  to my mind  that their birth time :))all women samee  about this issue,,I think,,
(Gecen haftadan bu yana yorgun bulunmaktayim,cok hastaydim,,yalnizlik,,baska ne soyleyebilirim.yurtdisinda yasamanin gercegi bu.neyse herseye ragmen ailem yanimdaydi,,ben cocuklarimi izliyorken aklima aniden onlarin dogum zamanlari geldi)

berkay is so frisky these days..full of love,,sometimes when I look  him,,I want to bite..is this a little bit of strange:)  he is very intelligent for his age,,he makes us suprised with his cute behaviors..it is a wonderful sense to be mother and father.,,at the same time there is some challenge,,but it is worth..he has different character ..if I dont give meal to him on time,,he starts cry and then he hit his head to the wall,,he wants to tell  us that ''I am angry and hungry''I say to him please not to do..he is impatient,,after that I force myself to not smile..but I know these days will have  finished by the time he expresses himself,, Sleepy babies are so cute,,you know,,I love to watch him while he sleeps..he looks like an angel..every morning he wants to accompany his elder brother,,,my big son says to him'''you are small,,your age is not enough to go to school,,''  he likes playing toys..but sometimes they fight each other,,because of toys,..with every single day they are changing as character..berkay is very fond of me ..
(berkay cok hareketli su gunlerde,,sevgi dolu,,bazen ona baktigim zaman onu isirmak isterim,,bu biraz tuhaf dimi:)yasina gore cok zeki..sevimli davranislariyla bizleri sasirtir,, anne ve baba  olmak harika bir duygu..ayni zamanda bazi zoruklarida var..fakat deger,,berkay farkli bir karaktere sahip,,,eger ona zamaninda yiyecek vermezsem aglar ve basini bir yere vurur,,'ben sinirliyim ve acim' anlatir..gulmemek icin kendimi zorlarimm..sabahlari abisiyle okula gitmek ister her sabah bir aglama ve bagirti ile yolariz batuyu cunku berkay arkasindan aglar,,bazen birbirleriyle oyuncak icin kavga ederler,,ama berkay ama cok bagli bu aralar onu diyebilirim ayni zamanda kiskanc)
batuhan is our  first experience,,first adoption,,he is very friendly and considerate..when I am sick,,he says to me,,''mummy I am here for you  what can I do for you''  ..sometimes he warns to me  ''you dont do this  one more time  otherwise I will be angry'''he mimics us:))when his younger brother was born,,he was happy and suprised,,  before berkay was born,,,he had wanted to have a brother a lot..like all kids...sometimes asks me ''mummy why dont you come to my school to pick up me,,everbody's mother is coming''..say him''my dear  you know  berkay is small,that's why he needs me a lot ,,but you are big anymore,you are able to return with the school's bus,,it is more funny'' I feel some sad after this speaking,, it is difficult to be mother,,..because this is still a small child.. he is helpful and merciful.. .. sometimes against some events he gives such a good responds .,IN this CASE I cant believe that he is only a child....kids are GOD's miracles..there is some challenge  of child growing ..as well as it is funny,,,,
 (cevirecektim ama yoruldumm kusura bakmayin sekerler)